Safety Policy

ARBAH TECHNICAL WORKS is committed to ensure safety along with compliance of health, safety and protection of environment along with Quality assurance.It is the policy of the company to provide working conditions that are safe and healthy for all employees.The management is fully committed to train and educate all our staff to equip themselves to follow safety policies implemented by the company which will have continuous improvement in compliance with the local authorities. Performance shall be monitored and objectives set by the management for achieving standards and proposals for continuous improvement of standards achieved with rewards to staff to motivate them to maintain safety. 

Quality Policy

“ARBAH TECHNICAL WORKS” is committed to attain standards with the highest possible quality service to all clients. In this process we are committed to provide a reliable, cost effective and trouble free product as we deliver the project.To reinforce this commitment, quality is monitored, reviewed with effective,corrective and preventive action. This is to ensure that the company operates effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of customers with quality assurance.